My Bucket List

If you have any more ideas for me, let me know!

Milk a cow

Start a blog– 2017. Obviously, I’ve done it!

Sky dive

Visit 7 continents. 5 so far.

Watch a movie in gold classI was given a voucher and was waiting for a really good movie to use it on… none came out so I had to go see “Rough Night”

Get a tattoo

St Patricks Day in IrelandGalway, 2018. Definitely recommend Galway if you want something a little less touristy than Dublin.

Halloween in USA

Canyon swing

Bungee jumpAuckland Bridge, 2015. I was in Auckland for a week and got bored. Shitted myself the whole way down.

Live abroadEdinburgh 6 months & Manchester 1 year, 2017-2019.

Do a nude calendar2 for CSU Nude But Not Too Rude Calendar 2014 & 2015

Go on a tv game show

Be on a major radio station

Buy a house

Run a kilometre in 4 mins

Visit every Aus state and territory – (5 so far)

Be in a movie

Become fluent in French

See the northern lights

Fly first class

Fly business class

See La Chat Blanc at the Musee D’Orsay2017. My favourite painting. Second time lucky. The first time it wasn’t on display.

Visit Machu Pichu

See the terracotta army

See the pyramids

Visit Taj Mahal

Try surfing

Try stand up paddle boarding

See orangutans in Borneo

Watch all the movies in my book

Watch all the Best Picture Oscar winners

Visit Great Barrier Reef2022.

Meet Margaret Pomeranz

Watch a show from the fancy box seats

Go to a play at The Globe

Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

Ride in a helicopter

Visit a psychic

Eat lobster2019.

Go zorbing2014. Somewhere in NZ. Great fun!

Write a book

Go to a show at the Sydney Opera House2016. Bell Shakespeare’s Othello.

Eat a big mac2019. Did it on my 25th birthday… they’re ok.

Go to a show on Broadway

Go to a show on the West End2015. I saw “Bend It Like Beckham The Musical”… hmmm

See The Mousetrap2017. Guessed the killer!

Learn sign language

Make 500 blood/plasma donations. 81 so far.

Go to a silent disco

Watch stand-up comedyEdinburgh Fringe Festival, 2018.

Do a stand-up comedy setManchester, 2019. My body was frozen in position the whole time.

Go to an open-air cinema

Win money at 2 Up2015. I won $5 and was too scared to bet anymore. I’ve seen “Wake In Fright”

Go to The Vatican for Christmas – 2015

Host a trivia night2020. During lockdown I hosted a Zoom trivia.

Have kids/a family

Take a mud bathHells Gate, Rotorua. 2014.

Ride a jet ski2022. Cairns

Hold a plank for 5 mins

Do a colour run

Run City to Surf

Host a charity fundraiser event

Take a yoga class2020. It was tough.

Get hypnotised

Write a script

Host & cook a 3-course dinner

Do a backflip

Learn self defence

Be in a Fringe show

Shoot a gun

See a dead body

Go to a Premier League game

Go to a gridiron game

Pitch a TV show

Graduate university2014.

Have a snowball fight2012. USA.

Ride in a hot air balloonAs a child in Gundagai

Set a Guinness World Record

Learn to drive manual

Learn how to use chopsticks

Study abroad2016. Florence, Italy. Communications in the Fashion Industry, 1 month course.

Write a fan letter

Go on a blind date2021. Shitting myself.

Ride in a limo 2012. USA stretch hummer.

Invest in the stock market

Get a volunteer job

Adopt a pet2021. My little gremlin Pepe

Be in a play

Take dance classes