Jet Skiing

6 out of 10

Last year on a trip to Cairns not only was I able to cross off “see the Great Barrier Reef” but also “ride a jet ski”. Two equally important tasks.

Unfortunately, the day we booked was rainy but luckily we got in before they started cancelling rides. The guy who took us round could not have cared less about his job that day. I kind of got the feeling he wanted us to pull the plug… we did not.

So, we did out little induction and off we went. I firmly believe there needs to be more than just a silly video and a six-question test before any rando can jump on these DEATH TRAPS! My goal was just to not fall off and I’m very pleased to say, mission accomplished.

Once I got the hang of it, and by that I mean I actually went faster than 15km/h, I did not stop screaming to myself the whole time. Did everyone else know that you have to be going over 50km/h to be able to actually steer properly? I was going 80km/h just to keep up with the glum plum leading us. DEATH TRAPS!

Cause the weather wasn’t great, the water was a bit choppy and going over little mounds of water was wild. I don’t know how guys were doing it. I’d go flying up in the air and come back down hard on the seat, screaming the whole time of course.

It was fun but I wouldn’t want to go on a trip longer than the 30mins we did. No offence to all the jet skis out there but like… you’re kinda boring after a while.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

Now this is a whole other story, but I feel you should all know what happened after we got back to the hotel from our little cool person jet ski adventure. The sunscreen I lathered on my face, was washed into my eyes and I had a MAJOR reaction. They were so painful the only relief was lying on the hotel bed with two of those little milk cups on my eyes. Here is a picture of me trying to take a photo of this ridiculous situation realising I can’t actually see where the camera is pointing. Feel free to use this trick if you ever find yourself in the same position.

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