Zoom Teeth Whitening

3 out of 10

Teeth whitening is getting so out of hand. My friend told me that her friend has done so much bleaching that she can’t smile in the wind because her teeth are so sensitive it hurts. That’s actually messed up.

It’s been a bit over a year since I got the in chair Zoom teeth whitening done, and I feel like I have recovered just enough to talk about it.

I had tried HiSmile a few years back, but now I’m a lot more in control of my money and have a few extra dolla dolla bills, so I thought, let’s go all in and do it right.

Here’s the deal. It’s about a 90 minute procedure. 4 rounds of putting the whitening on and then 15 minutes of having the big light in your gob. $750 all up.

Did it work? Well, my teeth have definitely gotten whiter. Of course, they don’t look movie star perfect because I had marks on my two front teeth before, so those stains are still there, but are so much less noticeable.

(I’m so sorry you have to see this extreme close up)

So, yes I am very happy with the difference in my teeth, HOWEVER! Would I get it done again? Absolutely not! No way in hell. I’d rather eat a tin of my cat’s food. It was without a doubt the most painful thing I’ve ever done. It felt like 90 minutes of torture. Essentially your teeth are getting bleached and severely dehydrated and because of that you get these HORRENDOUS pains go shooting from your tooth right up into your head. And they keep happening for about 12 hours after the procedure. On top of that, your lips have been clamped open for over an hour. And on top of THAT, my gums got a little burnt from the bleach so brushing afterwards became painful.

After each 15 minute cycle the dentist did check that I was ok to proceed and asked if the pain was ok… but I’d just spent $750 on this so I wasn’t stopping!

I guess this is what I get for my vanity.

My advice, go the cheaper at home kit and don’t leave the trays on for too long.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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