The Best Kath and Kim Lines

I’ve just finished binge watching, for the umpteenth time, the first 3 seasons of Kath and Kim. As any normal person knows, the 4th season should be skipped, left unwatched, never to be spoken of again.

Here are what I deem the best lines from the series. I have decided this by which lines I voice recorded and sent to my friend to make them giggle.

Honourable mention goes to when Kath and Kel do that ad for High & Dry and their voices get dubbed and Kel turns around and his deep voice says “Tennis anyone?”…. always cracks me up.

Kel is freaking out about his wedding and Brett has some beautiful words for him.

Brett: Kath loves you mate. I can tell. Her eyes glaze over every time you open your mouth.

Kath is making a speech at Kel’s 50th birthday party.

Kath: I look around this room and see people I hardly know, and I think, wow that’s beautiful.

This is a line I often use after Mum tells me something about her life. It’s one of Kim’s inner monologues after she’s watched Kath frantically trying to get her floral design hat right.

Kim V/O: I couldn’t care more about Mum’s floral arrangement. I certainly couldn’t care less.

Kath has bought a one sleeved top and to save money has only tanned the arm that will be showing, although she tanned the wrong arm. She is freaking out when Kim suggests just turning the top around. Also a favourite of mine to use when someone says a good idea.

Kath: Oh Kim, you are not a pretty face.

Kath and Kim are talking about Kel while Kath is trying to sort out her wedding seating.

Kath: Of course Kel is normal Kim, what are you talking about… Now, where should I sit Kel’s Masonic Lodge friends.

Kath has met Kel’s friend Sandy Freckle and had a little moment with him. She’s in the car driving and thinking about him.

Kath: Oh Sandy, Sandy, Sandy, I can’t get you out of my head… oh, there’s officeworks. I might pop in and get some coloured card.

Send me your favourite lines!

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