Rimmel Thrill Seeker Mascara

9 out of 10

Did I buy this because a girl I watch on YouTube was in the ad? You better believe I did. I was sucked into the influencer web!

I was in a real mascara slump last year. My Revlon one wasn’t giving me the length. I missed the Colossal express. And Maybelline Great Lash was a nightmare to remove without removing a layer of skin too. After seeing my YouTube girl spruiking it, I decided to give the Rimmel Thrill Seeker Mascara a go.

Not only does it give me long, thick lashes, it also provides that nice separated look. I hate it when some mascaras leave you looking like Yzma from Emperor’s New Groove. It is also SOOOO light weight. So light weight in fact, I forget I have it on and rub my eyes. I end up looking like the hottest of messes, but that’s my fault… not Rimmel’s.

I have blonde lashes so if they’re not done up, people ask if I am feeling ok. This mascara flipped that right round. The first time I wore it, I was inundated with 2 compliments. One of the compliments was “look at your cute lashes, I didn’t know you had lashes that long.” So, yeah, big day for me.

But, my above all favourite thing is that it doesn’t smudge onto my eye lids! YAY! I was obsessed with NARS Climax mascara because it made my lashes look amaze, but heaven forbid, I should wear it for more than an hour. I always came home with a coat of mascara just below my eyebrows and the weight of PURE HUMILIATION THAT PEOPLE SAW IT!

This is probably more on me and how I use it, but twice now I’ve had to remove old, hardened mascara from the top of the tube, so that it shuts properly… yucky. I’ve never had this issue before. Please help me.

If you are in the market for a new mascara, I highly recommend the Rimmel Thrill Seeker Mascara. And if Rimmel are after someone for a dramatic before and after promo, I’m ya gal.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

Image: ASOS Website

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