Darrell Lea Blackcurrant Pastilles Bites

9 out of 10

I am currently “shredding for the wedding” as the group chat for my sister’s wedding is called. However, I make an exception for these bad boys.

Blackcurrant Pastilles Bites are a relatively new addition to the supermarket shelves, so don’t feel bad if you haven’t tried them yet. Just get to your local ASAP and get them in your gob.

With the looks of a Malteser, texture of a liquorice bullet, and the taste of blackcurrant goodness, they are unstoppable.

I limit myself to buying them only when they’re on sale at Woolies… however I swear they’ve been on sale non-stop ever since I first discovered them… Or do we just see what we want to see?

There is one big downside. Huge. They get stuck in my teeth so easily. In fact, is does become a bit of a hassle getting it all out. My tongue is the strongest it’s ever been. Can’t wait to have my first French kiss, they won’t know what’s hit ‘em.

I am writing this to beg you to go out and buy them. I don’t want them leaving the shelves. I can’t go through the years of longing pain like I did with marble chocolate!

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