1. Double Doors, Fridge On Top

The fanciest style of fridge going. If I walk into your house and you have a fridge like this, you’re too good for me, why am I at your house? I presume as some cruel joke.

I just image that people with this fridge always have a roast ham or something large and fancy stored, hence why they need all the room and the two doors to easily pop the giant ham away.

2. Double Doors, One Side Fridge, One Side Freezer

If you need a lot of freezer space this is the option for you. However, know that you are getting a thin, weedy little fridge in return. Still looks boujiee though.

3. Fridge On Top, Freezer On Bottom

This just seems so much cooler than freezer on top to me. I bet your freezer has cool drawers too!

4. Freezer On Top, Fridge On Bottom

This is the classic. It’s what I’m rocking. Very common man.

5. Fridge With Freezer Inside

A starter fridge. I feel like everyone needs to live with one of these fridges at least once in their life.

You only have two options when it comes to these. One, the freezer sucks and never actually keeps anything frozen. OR two, the freezer is frosted like 90’s tips and you can only manage to get single cornetto inside.

Those fancy retro Smeg fridges are like this… I can’t believe you spent so much money on a fridge just to be second last on this list.

6. Fridge No Freezer

There is too much pressure here to always have the right amount of food bought and cooked otherwise it’ll be waste city.

What do you do when you decide to slaughter your family cow? Like, where do you store all the sausages and what not? Is that normal? Did your family’s do that?

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