The Classic 10 Easter Chocolates

Written in 2017 but I think it still holds up.

Going to the shops to buy your Easter chocolates soon? Here is a little guide on 10 of the major players you’ll most likely give and/or receive this Easter.

  • The Lindt Bunny

The Smirnoff of Easter chocolate. The Lindt bunny is a safe bet when buying for someone you’re not that close with. It looks and tastes fancy but it doesn’t leave you out of pocket. The collars and little bells will often be found in obscure places many weeks after Easter. Lindt haven’t skimped on the bunny either as you can tell when you’re trying to bite through the thick chocolaty build up at the top of the ears.

  • Non Easter Chocolates

Were these re-gifted? Chocolate is chocolate right? Why not go more bang for your buck when buying by ignoring all the Easter themed wrapping. For example, currently at Coles you can buy a 30 pack of Ferrero Rocher balls for $11 or you can buy the Easter themed pack with 16 balls for $18. Often bought by someone who doesn’t care for Easter but for whatever reason needs to give a chocolaty gift.

  • Cadbury Eggs (small)

The perfect egg for a hunt. They’re a default egg. If you haven’t had one during the Easter period, you had a troubling Easter. If a place is feeling particularly rich, you might be able to snag one sitting in a waiting area or next to the register. No one’s disappointed with a small Cadbury egg.

  • No name small eggs

On the opposite end of the scale we have the no name small egg. Disgusting. You’re desperate for chocolate if you’re reaching for one of these. Most likely found as a complimentary treat at a reception desk. My mum (who is a school librarian) one year had this thing going that for every overdue book a student returned before the Easter break, they’d get a chocolate egg. Unfortunately due to school budgets the eggs were no name brand and kids would hand back the books and decline the egg. School children decline these chocolates! Avoid at all cost.

  • Cadbury Eggs (Medium)

Typically found in a bowl and set out on your mum’s table as an offering to guests. Sort of like the putting out the Christmas decorations, but for Easter.

  • Red Tulip Bunnies

The classic. If you’re buying this as a grown up for yourself or another adult, it is a nostalgic chocolate. I think I’m right in saying that a lot of kids got the Red Tulip from the Easter Bunny back in the day. As my housemate put it- “for unrefined palates”.  The chocolate is ok but the cute bunny wrapper is what really appeals to the young ones.

  • The Bilby

The Aussie spin on a classic. I’m not sure how I would feel as a kid if the Easter Bunny had left me the bilby. Maybe a bit cheated? You are making light conversation or a statement when giving this as an Easter present.

  • Cadbury Eggs (large)

This egg is a good call! As a kid you’d nibble into the top and as you broke pieces off, they’d fall inside the egg so you were left typically with a chocolate bowl full of chocolate. If you weren’t going for the bowl, then you may find these eggs inconvenient with pieces falling everywhere, like trying to eat a Magnum ice cream.

  • The Humpty Dumpty Egg

The king of the Easter Eggs. Enough said. When I was discussing this list with friends someone asked straight up, “is the humpty dumpty egg on there?”

  •  Malteaster Bunnies

The Newbie. The Malteaster Bunny may be a new player but do not fob it off. This 99cent treat is an absolute miracle. But beware they are addictive. If you haven’t tried one yet get to woolies, and grab yourself a handful! They are found usually at the registers enticing you in as you wait.

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