The Planets Ranked from Worst To Best

My sister said this was too silly to put up, but I just can’t hide it from the world any longer.

9. Pluto

I personally have nothing against Pluto but let’s be honest it’s causing too much drama with the whole “is it or isn’t it a planet”, and really, it should just be happy I even included it.

8. Mars

Men are from there, so I don’t think it is somewhere that I am allowed, and for that reason, it comes in at number 8.

7. Saturn

Without a doubt the prettiest planet with its rings and nice colouring but I just feel like Saturn knows that it’s pretty and is showing off a bit.

6. Neptune

Neptune is the planet I always forget about. It’s definitely hiding something. So secretive. Which I kinda like about it.

5. Uranus

he he he. I really hope Uranus wasn’t trying to make it in the universe as a serious business planet because the name has really thwarted that dream.

(ummm look at me using the word thwarted)

4. Earth

It has done well for me so far, but right now Earth is kinda bumming me out with its sad vibes.

3. Mercury

I’m a fan of the liquid and a big fan of Freddie so I don’t see why I shouldn’t be a fan of the planet.

2. Jupiter

I love that Jupiter has that big red spot that everyone always brings up, but they haven’t let it get them down. Instead, they really own it and wear it with confidence. #slayqueen

1. Venus

Who run the universe? Women, Women. Big fan of the razor blades they make too.

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