The Lost City

Rating: 6/10

My One Line synopsis

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum go on a jungle adventure to a forgotten island that has an airport and also a police station.

The Good

I LIVE for Daniel Radcliffe playing the baddie. Probably something to do with the contrast of him wanting to kill people and me wanting to swaddle him and carry him around.

This isn’t as bad as expected! I genuinely laughed out loud twice! It is cheesy but we’ll let it slide.

The Odd

Why does Sandra’s character write romance novels if she doesn’t really respect them? Like… just write another genre hun.

The Disappointing

I felt more romantic chemistry between me and the person behind me that kept kicking my chair than between Sandra and Channing. Sad. I can’t wait for films to start realising that there doesn’t always need to be a romantic story line.

The Award Goes to…

I dare say there are very few people in this world who can make Channing Tatum seem inferior, so bravo to Brad Pitt’s character.

Fun Fact

Ryan Reynolds was first cast in the male lead, but they couldn’t agree on a deal. (I’m not sure if he would have been right anyway.)

I have a question…

If slim sized Sandra only just got through that tunnel, how the hell did broad bitch Tatum also manage to get through there!?

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