Jimmy Carr’s Book ‘Before & Laughter’

10 out of 10

I don’t mean to start out this post all braggy, buuuuut I read a 350-page book in a week! That’s huge for old Frey-dogs. Was it because I was in isolation for a week and was avoiding cleaning the bathroom? Or was it because the book was so good, I couldn’t put it down?… Bit of both to be honest.

If you’re a Jimmy Carr fan and the only thing you’re interested in is hearing dick jokes and one liners, sorry to tell you, they are few and far between.

Part memoir, part self-help, I genuinely adored reading this book. After I hit the halfway mark, I got a bit upset realising that I wasn’t going to have any more to read soon!

I’m not the biggest fan of Jimmy’s stand-up comedy but I do appreciate that it is a very high standard of one liner comedy. However, I am a huge fan of listening to Jimmy talk about comedy; His career, how he started, how he grew his routine, the way he works, his views of the comedy scene, etc.

I think that comics will get a lot out of this but really, this book was written for people who aren’t living their best life but want to. Jimmy talks about quitting his corporate job to pursue stand-up comedy a lot in the book which for anyone stuck somewhere they hate will be quite motivational.

If anyone has any recommendations off the back of this, please hit me up!

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