Belfast & Death on the Nile

A two for one special here at Freya Reviews!

It was truly all things Kenneth Branagh this week.

A few facts about Kenny that you may not know:

  • He directed the first Thor movie
  • He was in Rabbit Proof Fence
  • If you watched a Shakespeare movie at high school, chances are he had something to do with it.
  • He was married to Emma Thompson…

Will we ever get over Kenneth cheating on Emma Thompson? We will forgive… but never forget. I appreciate everything you’ve done for movies, stage, Shakespeare, etc Mr Branagh, but I will always be #TeamThompson.

ANYWAY! I came out of 7 days isolation and within 48 hours watched his two latest films.

Death On The Nile

Everyone’s dissing this film and it’s making me so upset. I really enjoyed it. I am being biased as an Agatha fan but still, I thought it was beautiful. Costumes were fab, soundtrack had some bangers, I’ve been trying to copy a few of the women’s hairstyles, accents were all over the place, but we can let that slide.

I would have liked to get a bit more range from Poirot. Compared to the first movie I thought this time round he was a little subdued. If you agree, let me know, we’ll get a little letter writing campaign together.

I would have liked a lot less Armie Hammer. I believe the movie had already been shot when cannibal Hammer came out so it’s not like they could really film it all again.

And my last little bravo to Sir KB, for the first time ever he made me attracted to a man I thought I could never EVER find attractive… Russell Brand.


This is my pick for Best Picture at the Oscars this year.

Wanna laugh? Go see it.

Wanna cry, a lot? Go see it.

Wanna be stressed? See it.

Wanna be seated next to a man that did really big sighs each scene change? Sorry, you missed him. He was in my screening.

Kenneth has really gone hard on the soundtracks recently. Belfast is filled with Van Morrison bangers. It’s not so good that it’s distracting (nothing worse than that *cough* Suicide Squad) it’s Mary Poppins (… practically perfect in every way).

This is so silly, but my favourite part of the film was the little groans that Buddy would do when he was upset about something. Jude Hill is so cute and such a good actor! I hope he has a long and diverse career ahead of him.

And my last little bravo to Sir KB, now I will demand that my future husband sing Everlasting Love to me while we dance together. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Also, if my husband could be Jamie Dornan… that’d be great too. Or at the very least Irish.

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