Hunter Wellies

Size 9 foot out of 10

Ok, let’s get it out of the way. Yes, they are effing expensive for a pair of gumboots.

I’m not sure if I should post this… am I going to end up like Kim K? Is someone going to break-in and hold me at gunpoint until I tell them where these wellies are?

Does it help if I say I have wanted a pair for about 6 years now? How do you know I haven’t put aside $5 a month for the past 6 years to pay for them? (They didn’t cost $360, don’t worry Mum).

Let’s get on with the actual review- THE QUEEN WEARS THEM! ALL THE ROYALS DO! SO WHY CAN’T I?!?

Ok, no, cool, the actual review.

Here is a full length photo. Am I the world’s greatest photographer? Yes.

These boots are pretty swish. They’re like fashion gumboots. And here’s my thinking. Do I want a pair of gumboots that I hate and will probably never wear them because I hate them? Or do I want a pair that I love and wear every time there is water on the ground? Do I want a pair of gumboots that will wear out relatively quickly? Or do I want a pair that stay with me for life?

If you have a normal or smaller sized foot, you will have no issues. You will love your boots. Now, if you have a massive hoof like me, just a heads up, don’t ever end up in a situation where you need to change shoes in a hurry.

The first time I put them on, thank God my housemate was home. I made the very silly mistake of wearing these huge woollen socks as well. Picture this: it was a stinking hot/humid day, I am lying on the floor wearing knee high rubber boots and woollen socks crying while holding on to the couch for dear life, while my housemate was laughing her head off trying to pull these boots off me. I genuinely thought I was going to have to cut my brand-new shoes off.

The good news is, the more you wear them and yank them on and off the easier it becomes! The second time I did it all by myself! It only took 10 minutes, two pulled calf muscles, and one round of pleading with the cat to help me.

Just one final thing as well… sometimes when I’m putting the boot on… the air coming out as my foot goes in… makes a farting noise. It wasn’t me; it was the boot!

I tell you what though, these boots are very well made. No complaints from me. Except for the whole struggle taking them off… but I think that’s more on me and my massive foot. I promise to update if they start to deteriorate.

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