Rating: 7/10

My One Line synopsis

Diana’s gotta spend Chrissy with the in-laws and she’s in a real tizz about it.

The Good

Stick a fork in me, I’m done! I can’t believe I’m doing this, BUT I’m putting a Kristen Stewart acting performance under The Good section. And I genuinely mean it!

Also, you can’t go past the fashion. Diana was serving looks.

I also adored the sprightly, fun ending. Although then I got sad again thinking about how the real Diana died too young.

The Odd

It is a lot more art house-y than I thought it was going to be. The music choices are the first big give away. Then we get into a few scenes of “so what is really happening and what is in her mind”. THEN Anne Boleyn turns up. I’m not the biggest fan of art house. This is bearable though.

The Disappointing

I’m not sure what everyone else was expecting, but I thought it would span a lot more of her life. This just covers three days.

The Award Goes to…

Making a movie about the royal family without giving them more than like 10 minutes of screen time. For a hot second there I thought we were never actually going to see the Queen.

Fun Fact

The day after I watched the movie, we interviewed the real Darren at work… not about his portrayal… just about being a royal chef… still cool though.

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