‘And Just Like That’ – so far

3 out of 10

As I sat and watched the first 6 episodes, I couldn’t help but wonder… why am I still watching this.

I just finished watching episode 6 and honestly, I’ve had it up to pussy’s bow with this show. Besides Big in the first ep, nothing has happened. NOTHING! Show ended, credits came up, I desperately searched for the remote so I wouldn’t have to watch the trailer for ‘Wolf Like Me’ again, and then I sat there and wondered why I am bothering to watch something that if it was a stand-alone, original show, I wouldn’t have watched past the first ep.

They’re so lucky they didn’t stick with the ‘Sex and the City’ title because THERE HAS ONLY BEEN ONE SEX SCENE AND IF YOU WANT TO WATCH IT YOU ALSO HAVE TO WATCH CARRIE PISS INTO A BOTTLE AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Even the music is just so jarringly wrong! They play romcom type music… a lot. I believe my subtitles put it as ‘whimsical music plays’. Yucky. I never thought I would express these words but… we need more jazz.

They say you can’t get a show made these days without diversity. But how woke, is too woke?

I dare say you’ve probably read a few posts discussing this subject, so I’ll keep this brief. Imma just have a quick little vent.

I am all for a wider representation on the screen. It makes everything far more realistic and interesting. However, when the diversity has a spotlight shone on it every single time it is depicted on screen, does that help or hinder? Why is it every time we see a “diverse” character on screen, it is only ever to talk about their skin colour or gender. Why is everything still from the perspective of white people trying to make themselves feel better? This just feels like a show that is ticking boxes.

And I’m sorry to the writer’s because hey, at least you’re getting people talking, but this just feels like a show that is trying so desperately to be woke/relevant but is written by people who researched ‘nonbinary’ by googling it.

If you’re recreating a show about something that’s unfamiliar to you, DIVERSIFY YOUR WRITERS ROOM! Surely, this advice shouldn’t be coming from the millennial, straight, cis, white female watching the show in her apartment?

In a city like New York, is Brady the new Samantha?

This is the only possible explanation as to why we have to catch small snippets of Brady having sex every episode. Will we see the three girls and Brady all sitting up at brunch together?

Side note: I looked like Brady in high school, and I can tell you there was zero interest, especially not from someone as good looking as Brady’s girlfriend, in any sort of sexual relationship with me.

Another side note: There was no way, even if anyone did want to have sex with me, that I would be rattling the headboard right up against my parents’ bedroom wall. Why is Miranda letting this happen!?

And then I realised… there’s so much more about this show that sucks.

Here are a quick few things that I won’t even get in to:

  • Miranda’s “drinking problem” that didn’t seem to be a problem at all
  • How BLATANTLY they shoved Miranda’s “drinking problem” in our face
  • These three woman have somehow all turned into complete idiots, Miranda being the biggest idiot of all. It’s like they’ve never interacted with people of colour before.
  • Carrie OUT OF NOWHERE needed a walking stick for just one scene in one ep
  • Miranda calling herself Rambo. Cringe.
  • There’s nothing I hate more than having to watch a comedy show within a tv show. Cringe again.
  • Actually, I lied… I hate Che’s podcast more. Triple cringe.
  • Either you have Samantha in your show or not! PICK!
  • Steve gets 3 lines, and they are all “what did you say?”. Poor Steve.
  • Miranda and her teacher going to dinner together after that “rocky” start. Who does this?!

There are two true winners from this show. Kim Cattrall and the person who made the decision to kill off Big.

Am I hating this series? Yes.

Will I keep watching? Most likely.

I miss Samantha.

One last point… ease up on the “they’re old” storylines. We get it, they’re older than they were, but they’re not geriatric.

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