Public holidays ranked

Note from Freya: This is super exciting! We have a special guest post from Brette Morton! (Hopefully soon Mallory will finally get round to ranking Disney Movies like she’s been banging on about for 4 years.) Please make Brette feel welcome.

8. Australia Day

Time to change the date? Let’s find a day all Australians can celebrate.

7. Anzac Day

A day of remembrance for all the ANZAC’s who served and died in all the wars protecting our country. A reminder of just how lucky we are.

Side note, April 25th is the perfect date because it’s not too hot and not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.

6. Labour Day

So I googled it… apparently Labour Day is to celebrate the implementation of the 8 hour working day. I mean yeah it’s as good a reason as any to celebrate, who am I to complain.

5. Queen’s Birthday

Queen who? Thanks for the day off love but don’t expect a present from me. It’s not even her real birthday, she’s just being cheeky.

4. New Years Day

New year, new me, am I right? Maybe for a month or so then its back to the old me, who am I kidding. Don’t try to change me New Years. Don’t we all need a bit of blind optimism at the start of the year though?

3. Boxing Day

A lazy public holiday riding on the back of Christmas day but no one questions it’s existence. Props to boxing day for flying under the radar while being essentially irrelevant. Sliding into third position for backing up Christmas making this another multi day holiday.

2. Christmas Day

Who doesn’t love Christmas? Christmas day is actually my favourite day of the year but it loses points for the fact that it could be any old day of the week, how inconvenient for planning days off work and travelling to see family.

1. Easter

A FOUR DAY! weekend conveniently packaged together. Easter is the best because it’s reliably Friday-Monday every year guaranteed. No fuss, love it! Talk about a wild ride though, we start on Friday with Jesus dying (sad), Saturday (still sad), Sunday (OMG he’s alive), Monday (still cheerin’), Tuesday (get over it, back to work).

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