Premier League Badges Ranked

20. Leeds United

That font is horrendous. Looks like in primary school when we had to write diary entries of a convict. That’s the font everyone chose.

19. Burnley

There is so much going on in this badge, I don’t even know where to begin. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ran a competition for kids to design their badge and then they ended up just included everyone’s design.

18. Southampton

Whoever designed this did it on Microsoft Word and 100% just used clipart.

17. Crystal Palace

Too scary. Also, the ratio of bird to building is just way off. Sort yourselves out.

16. Wolverhampton

At least we can all tell the Southampton clip art guy spent some time on making his. This person spent a total of 5 minutes whipping this up. Stands out from the rest of the badges.

15. Brighton + Hove

Same comments as Wolverhampton but at least they bothered to put their name on it. Looks more like a logo for a retirement home than a soccer football team.

14. Aston Villa

This is quite cute. I like the lion’s little hairy legs. But overall, a bit basic.

13. Everton

This one has a lot of information whacked in there, but I do like that they put their motto in.

12. Liverpool F.C.

If we’re judging the badge with all the fire and swirls, there is way too much. BUT if we’re judging the badge with just the bird and LFC, love it. The bird looks like it’s wearing bloomers. (I probably would have put it higher but I’m scared of the backlash I would cop from my ex, and we’re still on very good terms.)

11. Arsenal

Very good. Nice and easy to digest. But what a shit mascot. A gun.

EDIT: I’ve just looked up their actual mascot that big green thing… The gun is definitely a better choice.

10. Manchester City

I like this but I am being biased. I’m also a sucker for light blue. It goes really well with my skin and hair. Unfortunately they do get marked down for having no animals.

9. West Ham United

I swear this is like the 5th team I’ve googled with these colours! Get creative premier league. Think outside the box. I must say though, this team pulls it off the best. Now, the badge with just the two hammers is good but I thoroughly enjoy the one with a castle in it.

8. Brentford

Love this one! Very cute bee. Bit geometric which is very in. Well done Brentford for keeping up with the youth. However, they are kinda the new kids this season so they can’t be too high on the list.

7. Watford

Big fan of this. Why not put a big old moose head on your badge, uniform, and all your merch.

6. Newcastle United

Big yes to putting seahorses on your badge. Whack a little castle on there and give them a flag. The designer of this badge went for cuteness for sure.

5. Manchester United

My ex is going to kill me for how high Man U is on this list, but you can’t tell me that little Devil with his little pitchfork isn’t cute. He kinda looks like he is doing a little jig.

4. Leicester City

Great choice of colour and mascot. As you can probably tell, animals rate highly with me.

3. Norwich City

This is one of the stupidest badges I’ve EVER seen. Not just in soccer football, but any sport. But you can’t tell me this isn’t the funniest badge ever. AND THE FACT THAT THEY’VE JUST ACCEPTED IT AND NOT DONE SOMETHING BETTER! My favourite part is the lack of detail on the… I want to say lion (?)

2. Chelsea

Gosh these teams love a lion! I like this one the best though because it looks like he’s wearing little football boots with the spikes. Also, why are you holding that random pole? Silly lion.

1.Tottenham Hotspurs

The best badge. Look at that chicken thing balance on the ball. Good core strength. Although the ball looks like a mix between a basketball and an AFL ball. But we’ll forgive because the chicken thing is so majestic.

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