Rating: 8/10

My One Line synopsis

Cruella goes full Cruella on a sort of other Cruella, and there’s great fashion.

The Good

I had kinda low expectations because all the other live action Disney movies have been pretty shit, let’s be honest BUT I enjoyed this movie a lot! I laughed out loud a few times! Emma Thompson of course is just absolutely killing it in everything she’s doing atm and I was a little worried about Emma Stone as Cruella, but she does a really good job too. There was humour, a banger soundtrack, and of course, great fashion.

The Odd

Is this a kids movie? It’s got some dark scenes. I have no clue what kids are watching these days, but I probably wouldn’t take a human that’s like under… 10 maybe? I don’t know. Mum let me watch Misery when I was about 6 so I have no reference.

The Disappointing

Tad long but show me a movie that isn’t these days.

The Award Goes to…

Gotta be the fashion. I want to get dumped out of a garbage truck and then whoop surprise, it’s actually my fab dress.

Fun Fact

The co-writer, Tony McNamara, is firstly, Australian (love that) and he also wrote The Great and The Favourite among other things.

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