Wrath Of Man

Rating: 3/10

My One Line synopsis

Jason Statham takes his husky, brooding act to a whole other level. Post Malone is there too for some reason.

The Good

Umm… no, I got one! The last act was pretty good because it was so gripping. It essentially turns into a heist movie where you’re invested in all parties involved.

The Odd

Ok, so, I love Guy Ritchie movies and I only heard about this one about 2 weeks before it came out. I was shocked! But if you love movies like Snatch and Lock, Stock but be expecting a similar ride. It’s set in America… I feel that’s a big enough heads up.

Also, they jumped around timelines so much in the first two acts that I got lost a few times.

The Disappointing

Firstly, the dialogue was literal trash. I laughed out loud a number of times with how bad it was. I get the feeling like a more traditional Ritchie script would have been presented and the big movie dogs would have been like “umm that might fly in England, but you need to make this more American”. So Ritchie went and took out all traces of subtlety.

Secondly, there’s a reveal moment that is SOOOOO underwhelming.

Thirdly, and I know this is a bit of an ongoing occurrence with his films but there’s literally 2 women in the whole film. One sucks and the other has one line, drops the C bomb and leaves.

Finally, and *minor spoilers*… how many times does someone need to get shot in their life to finally die?!

The Award Goes to…

The costume department for putting Jason Statham in those bangin’ cardies.

Fun Fact

This is a remake of a 2004 French film Le Convoyeur. My guess is it’s probably a lot better.

Recommended Watching

The final act was high tension and captivating, thank god, so for that I would recommend watching Lone Survivor. Tension city.

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