Rating: 1/10

My One Line synopsis

A poor man’s Hemsworth and Julia Roberts go on lots of dates but because they don’t have sex, they’re not real dates.

The Good

Ummmm… there were a few scenes where I really liked Emma Roberts hair and thought “gosh, should I do my hair like that”.

The Odd

The relationship between the auntie and… well everyone she encountered. But mainly the fact that they tried to make me believe that the auntie and the doctor had this beautiful, loving connection. Me and the other saddo’s who watched this aren’t buying it mate.

The Disappointing

You know what I am most disappointed about with this movie… that it got made. That the person who wrote this can be like “I wrote a movie that Netflix made”. I’m jealous. Not jealous enough to try and write something this painful, set it at Christmas time so the streaming companies will pounce at it… but still jealous.

The Award Goes to…

Most forced crude humour. So cringe.

Fun Fact

The writer says she’s working on a sequel if Netflix want it… strap in kids.

Recommended Watching

I guess any of those other painful Christflix. (I just made that up. It’s short for Christmas Netflix Movie. Is this a thing? Should we make it a thing? I’m not 100% sold. If you think of something better, let me know)

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