Ted Lasso (TV Series)

10 toy soldiers out of 10

I’m going to put this disclaimer in straight away… it’s on AppleTV. Hissssss. The only reason I have that subscription is because you get a free year when you buy an Apple product.

Ted Lasso was first developed as a character promoting the Premier League on NBC in America. You can watch the commercials on Youtube, but don’t judge the series off them. He is an American football coach with no idea about soccer, that gets hired by a team in the English Premier League.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this show. Especially once they eased up a bit on all the “we say this”/ ”we do this back home in America” stuff. I was also surprised. by how deep it became. We get a look at both sides of each character, see why people are the way they are. Depth and shit.

There are so many great characters with their differing personalities. It almost sets up for a sitcom but thankfully the character traits stay on this side of believable. Every time I thought I’d picked a favourite either Coach Beard would say something random or Danny Rojas would start singing and I’d fall in love with them!

I can’t remember the last time I genuinely laughed out loud at a scripted tv series. My favourite thing about Ted Lasso is the dialogue. This had the potential to be so Americanised and along the lines of “God bless America! The American has come to save the day”. All I can say is God bless English humour and the word “wanker”.

I also can’t remember the last time I was so into a tv show. I watched a few eps before bed and then wake up the next day hanging out for when I could fit some more in.

My favourite review when I was Googling around is from “Sultan King”. He says “Pro team looks like a amateur team. Boring and English.” Firstly, Sultan King, they’re actors… not an actual team. Secondly, they have to look a bit shit because they’re maybe getting relegated. Thirdly, it’s a show set in ENGLAND about an ENGLISH soccer team. Of course it’s “English”!

*Apologise to all the English people reading this for calling it soccer throughout.

Image: Flicks.com

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