Enola Holmes

Rating: 8/10

My One Line synopsis

Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister is told to make her own future and not follow others, so she becomes a detective…

The Good

For some reason I really don’t like Millie Bobby Brown (maybe because of that time she pretended to put on moisturiser with literally nothing on her hands… google it). But I must say, she held her own against other great actors, and there are some great actors in this film! I love a fourth wall break and Millie is charismatic enough that it works perfectly.

The Odd

Why did I keep thinking the Tewksbury boy was one of the Sprouse twins?

The Disappointing

Maybe a smidge long… especially for younger kids. But that’s only because I had to put something here.

The Award Goes to…

(I don’t know much about guns buuuuuuut…) two smart teenagers being unable to identify a shotgun.

Recommended Watching

I’m definitely not going to suggest Stranger Things. That show was not as good as everyone shits on about. IMDB went a bit off the rails and suggested a whole heap of MA and R rated movies, which I also don’t recommend.

Available on Netflix

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