Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Undies

10 game changers out of 10

A few years back I wrote a review on a pair of “period panties”. Things have come a long way since then. Bonds are on board and the pair I bought cost half the price and don’t feel like you’re wearing a big old nappy. You can even pick up a pair at Woollies for around $20!

I think the thing I’m most happy about though is that Bonds calls them “period UNDIES” not “period panties”. (Please read previous article to see my thoughts on the word panties)

Lockdown is an ideal time to test these bad boys out. You’re at home, and presumably in trackies, so changing them isn’t as awkward as if you had to carry around a dirty pair of knickers with you until you got home. AND, not that I’ve had an issue so far, being at home is the ideal location for accidental leakage. The pair I have are so nice I have considered wearing them even when I’m not menstruating. (But I’m too scared in case the material isn’t right to let my puss breath or something along those lines)

These work exactly the same as others. Wear, rinse, wash, repeat. It’s mad to think how much waste you are saving the environment AND you don’t have those awkward rustling and ripping noises of pads. I 100% recommend these for anyone who experiences periods, even more so now they are an affordable price.

Imagine having these for your light days when you were at school! Absolute game changer.


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