Lockdown Hobbies: #3 Hosting Virtual Trivia

10 lipstick scars out of 10

When the year started, and I was still full of hope, I wrote out a list of things I wanted to achieve. “Host a trivia night” was one of the main things I wanted do. In a way, the lockdown part of this pandemic has been a blessing for me. Plus, Zoom was a godsend.

I’ve hosted 4 so far and each one has taught me something.

Insert Trivia Name Here #1

No matter how many times you test out your technology beforehand, it will go wrong. Always have a back-up plan ready.

Insert Trivia Name Here #2

Zoom has a function where the host can mute someone which comes in handy when your sister won’t stop talking and ignoring your request to use the chat.

Harry Potter Trivia

Don’t forget to tell the participants that it is a dress up theme. Otherwise you will be the only one present with a scar drawn on with lipstick.

BBC Trivia

When your filming a “Guess The TV Show” and you think it’s such a great idea, just remember that all your work colleagues are going to be watching it later.

Will this take off and I’ll become a full time trivia host? Possibly. More than likely. Also, if anyone wants a trivia doing, hit me up! I’m still very bored and in need of projects.

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