Pore Vacuum

2 big red blotches out of 10

I’ve put off writing this one for a while. Firstly, because the word vacuum gives me anxiety to spell and secondly, I kept telling myself I needed to use the pore vacuum more before reviewing it.

I was inundated with ads for these machines on social media. Essentially, they’re a mini vacuum that is supposed to suck all the gunk out of your pores. I am blackhead city, so I was very interested. Sceptical, but interested. I watched a few reviews for it on Youtube but I never thought of actually buying one until my cat Mittens chewed through my earphones and the cost of delivery was more than the earphones themselves. To make it worthwhile I thought now would be the time to order.

Unbeknownst to me, I bought one that ran on batteries. Strike one. Who has batteries these days?!

To begin you’ve got to open your pores.

If you do ever try one of these devices, I cannot stress this enough… MAKE SURE YOUR PORES ARE OPEN. I watched a number of videos where people just went straight in and started sucking and my god it looked painful.

I did this with a piping hot face washer over my face for a while. Then I went in with the vacuum. I was using the biggest nozzle. It kept getting stuck and causing big hicky looking things on my chin. I was ready to give up but instead changed to a smaller nozzle, steamed up my face again and had another go. This one definitely worked better. I could actually see stuff being sucked out.

Two thoughts though…

  1. It was probably just the oils on my greasy skin
  2. If it was from the pore, I then had a big open hole on my face

After getting to a point where I had to keep steaming my face every 3 minutes, I gave up. Not that I expected it, but after one use there was no visual change to my pores.

I did intend to use it every day or so as instructed to see the best results, but I just couldn’t be arsed going through all that steaming again. Which is also why this has taken so long to write. I was going to give it the best review possible, but just saying its time consuming is review enough. Maybe it would be easier if you had one of those face steaming devices people are all about these days.

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