The Barefoot Investor Book

10 Muttley laughs out of 10

“It’s not a cult!” yelled my sister when I told her I didn’t want to read the book she was claiming changed her life.

My sisters and Mum all used to bang on about Scott Pape’s Barefoot Investor book. They all went out and bought some wild pillow because he suggested it AND they changed all their bank accounts just because he said so. If that ain’t the makings of a cult…

I chose to not join in.

When I was working in a hostel in England, I noticed quite a few Aussies come through and whip out an orange bank card with “daily” or “splurge” written on it. Just like my sisters had done obediently for Scott. “This cult is spreading” I thought.

I came back from 2 years in the UK with X amount of debt. It was high and I was feeling pretty shitty. I was also making a move to Sydney not long after returning which takes up quite a few dollar doos too. I needed to sort myself out. So, I reluctantly grabbed the book and started flipping through. It didn’t take long. I was hooked almost instantly.

There should be a book like this for every part of adult life. Scott explains everything in layman’s terms, gives you clear instructions on what to do, and even writes out scripts to follow to get better deals.

SIDE STORY: I wish he had a script to help me with this situation… When I called ING to sort out my member number, I can’t remember why I started laughing, but I did. And I couldn’t stop. It was one of those laughs where not much noise comes out. Just a Muttley kind of laugh. Which then made the guy on the phone start awkwardly laughing which made me laugh more. I was so embarrassed I hung up on him.

A few weeks ago, I begrudgingly looked at my HECS debt. I can’t even describe the sick feeling in my stomach. I thought about starting voluntary contributions to get on top of it… but then I thought “I need a second opinion”. I needed Scotty boy. I got out the book praying he’d written something about it. Of course he did! Just 5 words on it. 5 words that made me instantly carefree again.

I was never good at saving money. My life was pretty much pay cheque to pay cheque. I don’t know how just putting money into different accounts actually worked, but one year on, I’ve paid off my debts, got money in the mojo and have managed some savings.

Even if this does turn out to be some weird cult and Scott Pape gets arrested, I don’t really care. Because it is a cult that has helped me sort my life out. If you haven’t already, read it.

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