Lockdown Hobbies: #1 League Tag

6 toenails falling off out of 10

I’m going to be doing a series on ways I’ve kept myself entertained during lockdown/new hobbies to try during lockdown.

As we all know, you can’t catch Covid at schools or at sports, so when my local rugby league comp started up again, I decided it would be the perfect way to entertain myself during this pandemic. It may also help to lose a few extra kg. Win-win.

If you’re thinking the same, here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure you’re at least the slightest bit fit before showing up. (see below)
  2. Take a puffer… even if you don’t think you have asthma and you were never allowed to go to asthma camp as a kid… take a puffer. (this really is just common sense)
  3. Don’t presume boots you wore 5yrs ago still fit your feet. (see below)
  4. Don’t forget which code of rugby you are playing. (not accustomed to rolling the ball back with my foot)

Luckily at the start of April I took full advantage of the treadmill and started doing walks every day. Unluckily in rugby they don’t walk at 5km/h on a 10% incline for 20 minutes. They run. They run a lot. All I can say is thank god I did some fitness before I went to training or it would have been a lot worse.

About half-way through the session I realised my boots were sort of pinching my feet but chose to ignore it. 20 minutes later I was running like I had stumps for legs. Trying not to move my feet too much and barely bending my knees. My feet were in so much pain. The other girls must have thought I had a serious injury I was recovering from or something. Being my first session, I was too embarrassed to say anything or take them off. When I got home and took my socks off, oh my god. It looked like I decided to paint my big toenail black. I used to wear these boots 3 times a week and now my hoof can barely fit in there!

If anyone has any advice before tomorrow night on how to heal bruised toes or how to make shoes 2 sizes larger, please get in touch. I really don’t want to look like I’ve just learnt to walk again.

This hobby I plan to continue till the end of the season. Mainly for fitness and a bit of a laugh… even if all my toenails fall off.

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