Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Rating: 7/10

My One Line Synopsis

After every talented person in Iceland dies, Pierce Brosnan’s kids go to Edinburgh and meet a closeted Russian.

The Good

There is so much I loved about this film. So here’s a big old list… DAN STEVENS, Rachel McAdams, the fact that they didn’t get Peirce Brosnan to sing, the beautiful scenery of Iceland and Scotland (don’t blink or you’ll miss a shot of a restaurant I used to work in), the costumes, the hair, THE MUSIC, all the songs are bangers, how spot on they got the vibe of Eurovision, trashing Americans, they used Graham Norton in his rightful role as commentator, the “song-a-long” scene, and all the Eurovision participant cameos.

The Odd

If you’re not into Eurovision, you might think this movie is even more stupid than it actually is. I’m not a die-hard Eurovision fan, but I have watched the last two years and enjoyed it immensely. The trick is to just accept everything you see on stage and roll with it. I think that is good advice for this film too.

The Disappointing

There’s not much “disappointing” about it. Maybe a bit slow to get into. If you don’t like Will Ferrell movies, you’re going to hate it. But if you are a fan, I would put this up there as one of his best.

The Award Goes to…

The best use of elves I’ve ever seen. I literally cried laughing at them.

Fun Fact

Will Ferrell’s Swedish wife got him into Eurovision in 1999 and he’s been a fan ever since, hence the in-depth knowledge.

Recommended Watching

Mamma Mia for jazzy musical numbers and having a laugh. Blades of Glory for Will Ferrell and glitzy costumes.

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