I’ve pulled a little switcheroo on you this isn’t just a Hamilton review. Hamilton was amazing, and you don’t want to read another post about how good it was, everyone knows it’s great. So instead I’m going to single out my favourite part.

Like obviously every cast member was brilliant. Lin-Manuel Miranda is wildly talented, I mean, remember him on How I Met Your Mother?!

I just started writing out some of the other actors and pretty much just wrote out the credits, so just accept that everyone was really good.

BUT! Jonathan Groff playing King George III took the show to that next level. He was *that kissing your fingers thing that chef’s do* mwah!

It’s been a week since I watched Hamilton and honestly, I’ve had King George’s songs on repeat. I will also admit that twice now I’ve gone back on Disney+ (#notsponsored #butifsomeonefromdisneyseesthisanddoeswanttosponsormeiwouldntsayno) and skipped through to his parts just to watch the performance again.

It says a lot about an actor and the writing when a character with minimal movements, minimal expression, intense eye contact and a whole lot of spit can steal the show.

Can’t wait to see it live!

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