Teaching An Adult To Drive

5 loser plates out of 10

If you had told me a few years ago I’d be teaching something to drive this year, the only reasonable conclusion I’d come to is that Mum slipped on some milk, got amnesia (a la Susan Kennedy), Dad started a children’s band with an Australian Idol contestant (a la Karl Kennedy) and couldn’t help Mum so it’s up to me to teach her to drive.

I would have also wondered why you didn’t give me a heads up about Covid-19…

Turns out Mum didn’t slip on milk, I got me a city dwelling, English boyfriend. (If you live in the city in the UK, you don’t need to learn to drive. Their public transport is significantly better than Australia’s.) It was all fine while we were living in Sydney, but then lockdown hit, we moved to the middle of nowhere and it became the perfect opportunity for the Pom to learn to drive!

It’s scary having to teach someone such a dangerous activity. It makes it worse when it’s not your child so when you yell something like “Joe! We’re in the middle of the road!” They think they can sass you with “it’s fine, no one’s coming”.

He drives most days now and I can confirm there has been no crying… yet… from either of us! AND he’s only threatened not to drive ever again only once! (There was that time he almost pulled over and beat someone up because they beeped him… but I try not to think about that) So I would say yes, I am a great driving instructor. Please email me to book your lesson.

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