Keratin Treatment

9 burning hair smells out of 10

Let’s throw back to two months ago and I was a few weeks out from going on a camping trip around Europe. The last thing I would be worried about is my hair, which is a bit of a catch 22 because you can just imagine all the photos I’d need to be looking my best in!

Enter my sister and her frizzy mop. Or should I say now glossy, smooth mop. I went down to visit her and thought I had the wrong apartment when this goddess (slight exaggeration) opened the door. “Where’s the frizz?” I asked. “Oh I got keratin put in my hair” she replied as silkily as her new hair, “It’s the same stuff as Zoe Foster Blake gets done.”

That’s all the convincing I needed. Sign me up!

A few days before I was flying out of the country I went to my local hairdressers a frizzy mess and came out a few hours later a lush, deity who was feeling herself from top to toe, except for the smell that was lingering in my hair. I literally can’t describe the smell that comes with the product. Just know that there is one and it’s very prominent until you wash it.

My first wash was 3 days after getting the treatment. I was at my besties house just out of the shower trying to stuff my life into a travel pack as my hair dried. (We hadn’t yet talked about the keratin). Bestie said, “Your hair is drying fantastically! Where’s the frizz? What’s the go?” I slowly turned to her, smiling, a single tear rolling down my face. It was a tear of happiness knowing my $150 (that’s how much it cost me by the way) didn’t go to waste. “Keratin my dear girl” I whispered. “Keratin”.

The keratin was an absolute godsend on this trip! For the first time since I was a kid, all the prep my hair needed was a comb run through it and I was good to go. It’s amazing! You can’t imagine all the productive things I’m doing with my free time! (I’ve reached level 734 on Farm Heroes Saga.)

If your hair is frizz-city and you still aren’t convinced imagine this… you get home from work and it’s been a long stressful day. But wait! You promised your friend you’d go get drinks in the city with her. City = having to put in a bit of effort. Your hair is greasy but if you wash it you don’t have time to style it too. Oh that’s right! You got keratin treatment a few weeks ago! So you can get in that shower and wash your hair real good, let it air dry as you head into the city and by the time you meet up with you friend, your hair has dried and looks styled to the ‘T’. Boom. Done. Get that keratin.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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