Top 5 Sex and the City Moments

As always, I am only going to acknowledge the TV series and completely cold shoulder the movies. I suggest you do the same.

There are so many classic moments, brilliant one-liners and memorable (that’s putting it nicely) outfits over the 6 seasons but here I have for you my top 5 favourite moments in Sex and the City.

5. Carrie’s 35th Birthday.

Season 4. Episode 1.

In this ep it’s Carries 35th and she’s supposed to be meeting the gang at a restaurant. Of course though, being the selfish humans that they all are, Carrie is left sitting at the table alone waiting like a complete tool. The waiters bring out a cake and start singing happy birthday and of course Carrie thinks she is the only person in New York whose birthday it is hence presuming it’s for her. Ha! Then to add insult to injury the girl who the cake does go to says, “twenty fucking five! How old am I?!?” THEN! If that’s not enough for you, Carrie takes her own cake and starts walking home where along the way she walks through some street works. It’s a huge kerfuffle and she drops her cake, workmen are yelling at her, she tries to salvage the cake (most likely so she doesn’t have to cook later) and she’s yelling back “I’m sorry! I’M SORRY!!” Are you though Carrie?

4. “Nobody wants to fuck grandma’s pussy!”

Season 6. Episode 12.

Samantha Jones. Proof that no one can stay classy 24/7. Especially not when you have a pube situation at a one year olds birthday party. Samantha finds the worst thing that Samantha Jones could find… a grey pubic hair. Dun Dun DUUUUUUUN! So she dyes it and leaves it on for far too long. In comes Carrie to Brady’s party (I’m surprised she remembered to turn up) and Samantha immediately bails her up in the toilets to show her. Carrie gasps and looks away (probably because she doesn’t want to think about anyone else but herself right now) and points out that Samantha should have just left it as Smith knows she is an older woman to which Samantha replies “This cannot get old. Nobody wants to fuck grandma’s pussy”. Classic. A one liner you can use at any occasion.

3. Natasha slamming Carrie.

Season 3. Episode 17.

As we all probably know Carrie is a cheating little minx and she doesn’t understand why a woman whose marriage was broken up because of her little minx ways would not want to speak to her or be near her. Hmmm poor Carrie. Being the freak that she is, Carrie weasels her way into finding out where the ex Mrs. Big, Natasha, is having lunch so she can pretty much corner her and demand Natasha to what? Like her? Forgive her? Carrie mate, just let it go. But of course she doesn’t! She comes in looking like a Salvo’s reject pile, invites herself to sit down, starts putting her gross germs onto a glass and starts yapping away about all the poor things happening in her life. Blah blah blah. Then comes a beautiful moment. With more class and grace than Carrie has ever dreamed, Natasha absolutely demolishes her. Hitting her with ferocious but warranted blows and ending with “not only have you ruined my marriage, you’ve ruined my lunch”. Savage. Take that Bradshaw.

2. “You put that thing in my ass, I’m gunna shit on it!”

Season 3. Episode 18.

I’m laughing just thinking about this one. Three transvestites on the street at some ungodly hour yelling out and having the time of their lives wake Samantha up. One of them says the brilliant line “You put that thing in my ass, I’m gunna shit on it!” The scene than cuts to the four girls at their café laughing as Samantha quotes it. The way she says it makes me laugh too much and then she follows it with a look of disgust and “I mean is that the dirtiest thing you’ve ever heard?” Come on Samantha is that really the dirtiest thing you’ve ever heard?

1. Smith shaving his head for Samantha.

Season 6. Episode 16.

My number one moment, in all of Sex and the City (not including the movies because why would you) is when Smith walks in on Samantha shaving her hair and joins in even though “his hairs his thing”. Bless.

I know all my other favourite moments have been a laugh or taking the piss out of the awful human that is Carrie but this one is truly genuine. And if this isn’t everyone’s favourite moment then you’re heart is dead and I don’t want you in my life.

Any I have missed? What’s your favourite?

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