Marble Chocolate is Back & So Am I

10 restored childhood memories out of 10

Before you ask, yes… the blog is back because I got bored during lockdown. BUT I also just missed writing and having a laugh. AND ALSO…


I can’t help but feel that I single handedly made this happen. I had the date of its return marked in my diary. Unfortunately for me though, for lockdown I decided to move back in with my parents, to the middle of nowhere, and had to wait A WEEK before I got my paws on it.

Eventually I got it. It was the greatest day of my life. The prodigal son had returned. My plan was to savour the moment, take in the smells, feel the texture, so I could describe everything to you. Instead I ripped open the pack and shoved it in my gob.

I’ve spent 2 years banging on about this marble chocolate to my boyfriend. He was just as excited as me (that’s a lie… no one was) to taste it. It is so good that I honestly considered hiding the block and telling him it hadn’t come in yet just so I didn’t have to share. I then thought about the Covid kilos and let him have 2 squares.

Is it just as good as you remember?” I hear you ask. Yes! I am pleased to report it is. It’s like soft Nutella wrapped up in milk chocolate. Mmmmm. If you haven’t gotten any yet, I can’t help but feel sorry for you.

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