Things I’ve Learnt about Manchester

*This was written back in 2018 when I had just moved to Manchester and had the whole world ahead of me… How things change.

  1. Everyone is obsessed with prosecco
  2. Everyone is obsessed with gin
  3. Everyone loves a sesh
  4. Everything smells like weed… all the time
  5. “Alright?” is the equivalent of “how’s it going”
  6. “Why’d you come here?” is a question I get asked daily
  7. I offered someone a mandarin and he asked why I offered him a language
  8. They call work rosters “rotas”
  9. They’ve still got bloody 1 & 2 pence coins going around
  10. They don’t have cold drinks – soft drinks are room temperature
  11. Mushy peas are a #1 food
  12. Fish finger sandwiches are the #2 food
  13. It is acceptable to go for a drink after work every night of the week
  14. Apparently my pronunciation of “risotto” is hilarious
  15. “Skint” has now been added to my vocab
  16. Getting paid monthly is the norm
  17. I accidently came to the rainiest town in the UK
  18.  21°C means swimmers and sunscreen
  19. The north of England is so much better than the south

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