Getting Your Friends to Cut Your Hair

0 drunk hairdressers out of 10

If you’re thinking of cutting your long hair into a stylish bob, for god’s sake don’t mention it to your friends. Especially when you and said friends are in the middle of pre-drinks. Even more especially if when you are sober you wouldn’t trust them near your beautiful flowing mane with a ten-foot pole.

My hair was my thing and “the incident” as it’s come to be known, took my one thing away from me. This post comes with minimal photographs for a good reason.

So, on the night in question a few friends and I were in my room getting ready to go out and having pre’s. I unfortunately mentioned I wouldn’t mind cutting my hair a bit shorter. Skip ahead a lot of encouragement and a half an hour later I’m sitting on my chair with my friend holding a run of the mill pair of stationary scissors. We agreed on a length that was determined by one of the horizontal stripes on my shirt. It was all going swell, the chop was half done, then a drunker friend got hold of the scissors and also unfortunately my natural head tilt got the better of me. She measured the titled side hair down to the stripe and cut. Needless to say when I untitled my hair I was less than impressed.

But I still went out and had a great night.

I woke up the following morning with an uneven bob, a lock of hair tied up sitting on my desk, Sean Kingston’s “Fire Burning” playing on itunes and my cupboard door hanging off it’s hinges. That last one I take full responsibility for. I may have been showing off my handstand twerking skills. Regardless it was an odd scene to start my day with.

For the first few weeks there was a lot of google searches going on such as “how to grow hair quick” and “how to double the length of your hair in 1 week”. Nothing came up. I think one of WikiHow’s suggestions on growing hair quick was “give it time”. Thanks WikiHow. I didn’t think of that. I even considered hair extensions for a split second!

But I must say after a few months it grew into the length I was after and I was feeling myself. It suited me quite well. In fact as I’m writing this I’m considering if I should book in to get that length again. Ergh but then I can’t just throw my hair into a bun without a care. Decisions, decisions.  

In all of this, I did learn that I have the bestest best friend ever. After the hacking and murder of my hair was complete and the disaster level came to light, she also cut her hair into a bob as a sign of solidarity. She’s a top gal!

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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