9.5 jam packed burritos out of 10

When Zambrero opened up in Wagga, I thought the town was going to self-combust. It went absolutely nuts for Zambies! One guy gave his end of year work presents out in Zambrero’s take away bags.

I myself refused to eat there for a year. It started out as a ‘I don’t like beans & corn’ thing, then became a matter of pride. However, one very hungover day my friend (who worked at Zambies) said “Look. Let’s go get food. I want Zambreros and I will even pay for yours if you just give it a go.” Hungover and tired, Freya agreed and that’s the day my life changed forever.

I’ve kept the same order the entire time. The only change being the addition of crushed corn chips. They add a whole new texture and if you haven’t tried it in your burrito, I pity you. I don’t believe all Zambrero stores do this but they bloody well should.

Whenever I get a chance to leave the city and head back home (besides getting to see my family and friends of course) getting Zambies is what I look forward to the most! It’s an absolute travesty that there is a lack of Zambrero stores in Sydney. When I left Wagga, I genuinely thought their store was going to experience severe losses. I would eat there minimum 2 times a week. Every week. Thankfully they’re still going strong. I think my mother is filling in some of the financial hole I left.

I’ve taken off half a point because sometimes when I’m not at the Wagga store, the quality just isn’t as on point as I’m used to in Wagga. It’s still brilliant! Just not Wagga standard brilliant. Also there have been a few incidents where I’ve found a corn kernel hidden within my burrito. Corn is gross. It’s the devils harvest. A thorn among my roses if you will. But I always forgive them because that is what you do when you love someone.

In conclusion, don’t even look at me if you prefer GYG or Mad Mex. I’m a Zambies girl and I’m very much looking forward to the fact that I’ll have to buy a burrito to photograph for this post.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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