6 Bobble Headed Attractive Females out of 10

I better write this quick or HiSmile might come after me knowing there is a review out there in writing and not of a conventionally pretty, young girl with full hair and makeup in a silent video showing everyone how easy it is to use HiSmile on her already perfectly white teeth, while she bobs and twitches her head around until she blows a kiss and waves goodbye.

If you’re a 15-30 year old female and you haven’t seen these videos smothering social media, come out from under that rock please.

I chose to buy the HiSmile $80 starter kit as my teeth have always made me self-conscious. I’ve perfected a smile that only displays the nicer parts of my teeth. I look weird but I’d rather that then looking at a photo of myself and just seeing a big old pair of yellow teeth staring back. I was an awful brusher as a kid in that I never did and oh boy am I working overtime to make up for it now. So when HiSmile started to suffocate me through Facebook Ads they definitely picked the right target.

So is it safe? HiSmile’s big selling point is that they use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as opposed to the competition whitening kits that use carbamide peroxide. Highya’s review on the product says that “extended use of sodium bicarbonate can lead to irreparable enamel damage” and you may not “experience any immediate tooth or gum sensitivity, but over the long term, using a baking soda-bases whitening system can be much more harmful to your teeth than a peroxide-based one”. If you want to use HiSmile, don’t use it for a long time.

One thing I found surprising on the website was that it wasn’t splattered with “money back guarantee” type offers. Maybe I’ve been watching too many infomercials but usually with these products you get the old “if you’re not satisfied we’ll give you your money back”. Take it how you will, I just found that a bit odd. So pretty much if you give HiSmile a try and it does nothing, toodle pips $80.

On the HiSmile website they’ve plastered results of smiling mouths with beautifully white teeth, some claiming amazing results after using just one tube. I think a lot of people have caught on but remember to always look at before and after shots in detail. Lighting plays a huge role in how pictures turn out. Pay attention to the lips and skin. Are they at the same angle and have the same colour in both photos?

DO NOT get fooled by the demonstration videos after ten minutes is up and the girl easily slips the mouth guard out, does a little rinse and spit of water. Taking out that mouth guard was a sloppy, wet mess! I had the gel and spit going everywhere, coming from the guard and my mouth, sliding down my hands and arms. I was dribbling all over the place, pouring water in my mouth and doing everything I could to avoid the awful gel taste making its presence known.

So all in all would I recommend it? After using the starter kit, HiSmile sort of improved my poor gross teeth! I wouldn’t say I got the sparkling pearly whites that I saw in others results but my teeth did improve. The good news is if you’ve used the starter pack and want more, the refill is only $40 which includes 3 pens or 12 uses. I think eventually I might buy a refill pack and see how I go but I’m in no rush.

I think one of the best things about HiSmile is that you aren’t signing up for an ongoing shipment. You can, but I think most people just buy the one off starter kit.

Of course though in the end, HiSmile is prominent on social media targeting teens and twenty something females with a chic design and videos of “hot” chicks having the absolute time of their lives using the product. And now that they have one of the Kardashian Klan onboard, every social media loving, selfie posting, consumer driven, thinking they’re an influencer but really is just following what Instagram tells them to, “reality” TV obsessed, pretty, young female will have one of these kits in their bathroom. And yes, I am a social media loving, selfie posting, consumer driven, thinking they’re an influencer but really is just following what Instagram tells them to, “reality” TV obsessed, pretty, youngish female and yes I have one of these kits in my bathroom. So well done HiSmile. Even though I know what you are up to, I still bought into it. Bravo.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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