Hugh Grant Is Making A Comeback

Welcome to my TED talk. I’m kidding but like TED this will be brief, informative and you will feel enlightened at the end.

I think it’s fair to say in the early days our boy was type cast. Four Weddings and a Funeral kick started his bumbling career and he was killing it. He was England’s golden boy. Not even a prostitute could stifle his fame!

I think it all started going downhill when he got too big for his English booties. Tried to break into the American market with weird films like American Dreamz (gross) and Music and Lyrics (double gross). Side note: was Hugh trying to launch a singing career?

Don’t @ me but honestly, between 2003 (Love Actually) and 2016, what good did Hugh do for this world? Did any of you see Did You Hear About The Morgans??? Because I did! It was the worst 103 minutes of my life.

In 2016 he came crashing back onto our screens in Florence Foster Jenkins and more than kept up with his co-star legend Meryl Streep. Everyone was in agreeance “oh, Hugh can do more than just stutter his way through lines. He might actually be a good actor”.

I shall now present to you 4 undeniable bits of evidence PROVING that Hugh Grant has got his mojo back.

Exhibit A: A Very English Scandal. I haven’t watched this, but my Nan says it’s “very good” and that’s good enough for me.

Exhibit B: He chose not to do Bridget Jones’ Baby. Now full disclosure, again I haven’t seen it but I’m going to make the assumption it’s not great and Colin Firth was blackmailed into doing it.

Exhibit C: The Gentleman. This is Hugh putting a big middle finger up to tabloid reporters everywhere and he bloody nails it. He’s giving us sleezy, cockney realness.

Exhibit D: Finally, and probably most importantly, Paddington 2. I saw this in the movies when I was craving popcorn one night and there wasn’t much choice for films on, so I settled on Paddington 2. I thought at the very least, I’ll see a cute bear. Little did I know I was watching an Oscar worthy performance by Mr Grant. I honestly think this is the best role I’ve ever seen him in! He technically plays numerous different parts and don’t even think about missing his big musical number that plays during the credits!

I feel this has turned into more of a high school debate than TED talk, and luckily for me some posh chick can’t come along and crush me with rebuttal.

Hugh Grant is back baby!

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

image: The Times

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