Rating: 7/10

My One Line Synopsis

Brad Pitt puts together a baseball team on the cheap and it goes alright.

The Good

As far as sports movies go this is right up there! I also really love a movie about shaking things up and creating a new way of working. I had no clue about the Oakland A’s so it was genuinely thrilling for me to watch this not knowing how it would turn out for them.

Brad Pitt is great… that is all.

The Odd

Not that I know what the real coach looked like, but Philip Seymour Hoffman seemed like a weird choice as the A’s coach. He’s a great actor! Nailed his 5 lines! I was just surprised to see him in this.

So, this movie is set sometime early 2000’s? I know FOR A FACT that the song that Brad Pitt’s daughter sings, “The Show”, didn’t come out till 2008! I know this because it was an absolute banger in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. It really distracted me!

The Disappointing

It’s about half an hour too long. There were three separate times that I felt it I was watching the final scene, then boom another one would start.

Also, this gripe is more my downfall than the movies but, I really struggle when there’s a team of characters with normal unidentifiable names and Brad Pitt is saying stuff like “we should trade Bobby Britches” and I’ve completely forgotten who that is and not sure if I should be feeling an emotion about Bobby being traded or not.

The Award Goes to…

Brad Pitt for turning down the huge amount of money at the end.

Fun Fact

It’s based on a book called Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game. I know this fact isn’t that fun, but it’s about the fun-est one I could find.

Recommended Watching

Moneyball reminded me of The Big Short. Lots of stats and Brad Pitt.

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