Going To The Movies Alone

 9 guilt free jumbo sized popcorns out of 10

Ah, The moving pictures. God’s gift. And who says you can’t enjoy God’s gift alone? Not I. But before you start feeling sad or sorry for me, just letting you know I love going to the movies alone. The only time I’ve felt embarrassed about it was when the ticket seller was someone I knew and she asked me who I was there with. Awkward.

I must admit I haven’t done a solo trip since moving to the city out of fear. I don’t know what these city people are capable of. Will they ridicule me? What if I’m not allowed in to a romantic comedy without a partner? What if they sit me in a loner section like that time in London where the restaurant made me eat my meal at the bar?

Here are a few reasons why going alone is the best:

  • You load up on all the food you want! Who’s going to judge you? That random with her date by her side wishing she could hoe into the mega combo plus burger? That look is jealousy not judgment.
  • Mum – “You can have a choc top AND popcorn!”
  • The movie is entirely your choice. You’re not forced to sit through something chosen by your partner or a blind date.
  • Once you dodge the pity look from the ticket seller, and the one from the candy bar chick. And one more from the usher. It’s all smooth sailing from there.
  • You get to sit wherever you prefer! Preferably a seat closest to the doors ready for a swift exit avoiding the crowds.
  • You can spread out, sink in (as much as you can in a cinema seat) and prepare for a (hopefully) great flick. The seat on the left is for your belongings and the seat on your right is the popcorn/snack holder.
  • You smile slyly to yourself as you see a person in front lean over and whisper into their friend’s ear. Watch as the warm, salty breath hits the other person’s inner ear, tickling to the point of pain. No chance of someone talking to you through the pivotal moments when you’re there alone. 

My only other suggestion is to go to the really late showings or early morning sesh. Less chance of awkwardly running into a group of people you know. If you’ve never done it definitely give it a go some time, you wont regret it.

*Note: This is not recommended for certain types of films.

Example 1: You are an older male going to see a kid’s movie.

Example 2: Fifty Shades of Grey. Don’t go see it alone.

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