Getting Your Eyebrows Tinted

5 Lucius Malfoys out of 10

Before we dive into it let me just say- eyebrows are an absolute game changer. You stuff up the brows, you stuff up the whole face. Unless you have a beauty certificate, don’t go messing with your brows yourself. Go to a professional. This includes waxing, tinting and shaping. Please leave it to the pros. But also, don’t just trust any Tess, Danielle or Harriet that works at a salon, be smart about it. How do their brows look? Is that the look you’re after? Cause I dare say that’s what they’re going to give you.  If their brows are too hookerish or drag queen for you – turn around and leave ASAP! Trust me. I’ve been through the bad eyebrow game so much that I pre prepare the shampoo and bi-carb soda remedy for when I get home. And yet I keep getting them done. Why? Because I love myself sick when I have them done the right way! I jump at least 2 points to a solid 7!

Eyebrows. Are. A. Game. Changer.

If you’re thinking of getting your eyebrows tinted let me just run you through my worst experience so you know what may happen. Just so you’re prepared.

Brow Horror Story:

It was my second time getting them done. I was looking forward to being a hard 7 again but the girl doing them had other ideas. So we went through the whole process and she hands me a mirror and bloody hell they are dark! I mean full black. Now in case you were wondering I am a pale ranga whose brows are usually white and invisible. I was shocked to say the least but I am also one of those people who can’t say anything’s wrong or send food back to the kitchen. Luckily the girl said, “If you think they’re a bit dark I can try and take some off.” “Yeah, yeah! Do that!” I immediately said. So she did something, I don’t know what and handed me the mirror again. They still looked dark. If possible, I think she made them darker. I went home, cried, googled how to get rid of them, used make-up wipes, shampooed, cried, scrubbed them with soap, tried some hair bleach I found in the cupboard, rubbed bi-carb soda on them, cried because they hurt after all these chemicals and then convinced myself they weren’t so bad. Dad came home and gasped in horror and the next day at work I got called Helga from Hey Arnold. I pretty much spent the next two weeks wearing my glasses 24/7 and just kept on shampooing them until the colour faded a bit. Needless to say I never returned to that place.

I must admit I was once bitten twice shy after that and it took my while to get back on the horse with great eyebrows but my vanity got the better of me. I’ve had a few bad experiences since then but I’ve managed to not become a Helga doppelgänger again.

If you’re like me with pale, sensitive skin it’s best to get them done in the arvo or at night so minimal people will see the big red waxing marks that look like a second set sitting above your, now beautifully tinted, normal brows.

I recommend starting out lighter than you really want and working your way up because it is a bit jarring when you first get them done. My sisters often like to give me the old “oh you got your eyebrows done again. You look scary.” Nothing like some sisterly love. I also recommend avoiding places like nail salons to get them done. That’s another horror story but we won’t get into it.

I’m giving this one a five out of ten because I get fifty percent success rate.

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