15 Cadbury Chocolate Blocks Ranked

Why oh why did Cadbury stop making Marble blocks of chocolate. Same goes for Breakaway blocks but we could be here all night if I talked about both of these brilliant creations that were taken from me.

I remember when I went to Woolies many years ago with intentions to buy a beautiful big block of Marble chocolate and it wasn’t on the shelves. “Oh well”, thought I “I’ll just get it next time”. How stupid I was. The next time I went, it still was nowhere to be seen. I started to worry. What’s happened? Where are you Marble? Will we ever meet again? So many unanswered questions.

For my ranking we will go from best to worst starting with Marble.

Note: I have left out all the wacky ranges like Oreo, Marvelous Creations and Bubbly just because no one really cares about them.


R.I.P. I’ve made my feelings very clear about Marble. The best chocolate choice around.

2. Breakaway

R.I.P. also. The closest I can get the beautiful Breakaway is the KitKat blocks, which are just disappointing because it’s not Cadbury.

3. Dairy Milk

The O.G. You can’t go wrong with the plain block. It’s a safe bet when you’re in charge of bringing snacks for numerous people. I buy it when I’m overwhelmed with too many choices.

4. Hazelnut

YUM! That’s all I have to say. I think poor old Hazelnut is severely under rated.

5. Caramel

One could say it’s better when sucked out of a koala but it’s still bloody good. But sometimes in the block, it just gets too sweet for me.

6. Topdeck

This is what people who like white chocolate should be buying. (We’ll get into Dream buyers later.) When eating this I can’t help but either break apart the layers of milk and white chocolate and eat like that or nibble the milk chocolate edges off then eat. I don’t know why.

7. Rocky Road

My secret pleasure. I would never buy this for someone else or for a party. People seem to feel strongly against poor old Rocky Road.

8. Black Forest

Same sort of set up as Rocky Road but with different flavours and instead of marshmallow it has these nice little crunchy biscuity bits. Often found in my Mum’s fridge (until she got too fancy for Cadbury and now only buys Whittaker’s, but that’s another story).

9. Crunchie

I’d like to see more Cadbury bars turned into blocks having such success. The downside to Crunchie is that it is inevitable that those little honeycomb bits will get lodged in my back teeth and take forever to pick out. More hassle than it’s worth.

10. Fruit & Nut

For when you are being “healthy”. I used to be obsessed with Fruit & Nut to a point where I think I once said “why would you buy anything else?” I hope I never go back to that stage of my life.

11. Roasted Almond

You know you’re getting old when you buy Roasted Almond. No child or teenager gets excited about Roasted Almond chocolate.

12. Turkish Delight

Just don’t. You don’t buy Turkish Delight in a block. I’m all for the bars! But don’t go bringing a gross ass Turkish Delight block into my house.

13. Dream

Ergh. White chocolate people. White chocolate is fine but you’re a sick bitch if you go into the confectionery aisle, with all those naughty choices around you, and you emerge holding a block of Dream chocolate. Don’t waste your money. Buy Topdeck at least.

14. Peppermint

I have never seen anyone purchase a block of Peppermint chocolate. Have you? I don’t think I’ve ever even seen one in the wild (not in a supermarket). Why would you? Go buy some Mint Slices if you want a minty-chocolatey taste.

15. Snack

It absolutely blows my mind that something so disgusting as Snack is still available and Marble hasn’t been seen in years. Snack is the absolute worst invention ever. If any other block of chocolate were in front of me I would eat it, even if it were Dream. But I flat out refuse to even touch Snack.

Agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree? Let me know what your favourite block is and why! Also, remember when Cadbury blocks came in cardboard there for a while? Good times.

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